High Seas Trading is composed of resourceful, accredited, and knowledgeable technical consultants who are highly trained to deliver streamlined and expert advice on multiple areas to the maritime industry, including supplying our customers with the right products depending on their unique needs, situations, and geographical locations.


Our services include general product consulting, installation and maintenance of fire protection and safety products, annual certification & services, engineering and design among others.  We are best known for our quick response, for improving product performance and for facilitating the product-purchasing process for our customers.


For the past three decades our company has delivered safe, prompt and proven solutions to our customers all over the world. We take great pride in our partnerships with highly respected marine product industries designed for cruise lines, freight vessels and the mega yacht industry to list a few. These partnerships along with our technical solutions enable us to deliver the safest options for the seamless operations of our customers’ vessels.


At High Seas Trading our staff is devoted to providing quick responses and safe solutions to our customers’ inquiries and needs. We are prepared and accredited by all classes to offer professional and reliable assistance 24/7 in a variety of levels including product and equipment certification, product installation and maintenance, onboard inspections and assessment for selecting the right maritime products and solutions at the required time and place.


We strive to inform and provide our customers with state of the art options and products that will help them maintain the highest standards of health and safety, compliance, and also for accident prevention and for minimizing possible dangerous scenarios. We believe early detection and preparation are key factors to securing the safety of all vessels and their passengers, and we are equipped with the right personnel possessing the expertise to assess potential risks ahead of time so our customers are not faced with unexpected circumstances.


High Seas Trading Co. specializes in providing the finest marine safety equipment and fire safety products available in the industry.  Our highly trained experts paired with our state of art facility enable us to design and engineer a full range of fire detection and fire extinguishing systems for vessels that include large cruises, cargo vessels, tankers, commercial ships, as well as luxury boats and mega yachts.  Our team follows the strictest safety measures covering from the design, engineering, and final installation all the way to the class approval process.


Our unique perspective in the design and engineering of fire protection systems is unrivaled. Our vast experience and hands on approach in installing and maintaining our equipment have given us an advantage point at the time of designing and engineering our systems.  We engineer and design with every detail in mind to ensure effectiveness, functionality, performance, and durability.


We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations when it comes to safety, quality, on time delivery, dependability, and expertise. We take great pride in our attention to detail, our problem solving skills, our superior equipment and our experience in the early detection, prevention, and qualified assessment of situations that can affect the performance and operations of our customers’ vessels.


Our classification and inspection services meet the following society approvals:

Det Norske Veritas (DNV): One of the world’s leading classification societies helping the maritime industry manage risks in all phases of a ship’s life, through classification, statutory certification, fuel testing and a full range of technical and business risks as well as financial and competency related services.


Germanischer Lloyd (GL): A leading entity that supervises and improves safety and quality on behalf of maritime and industrial customers.  It is mainly focused on ships, maritime and industrial installations.


ABS: An organization who’s primary mission is to serve the public interest as well as the needs of customers’ by promoting the security of life, property and the environment.  ABS accomplishes these goals primarily through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine-related facilities.


Our expert staff at High Seas Trading Co. is also trained in many levels and applications for an extensive variety of products and services.  Our experience in the industry enables us to assist our customers in the classification and inspection of the products and equipment onboard of their vessels.  We are able to board ships in order to service, repair or replace safety equipment and inspect their parts as needed no matter if the vessel is located at a port or at sea.  Through our strategic alliance and partnership with Epsco network, we are able to serve our customers in the marine industry in virtually any part of the world.


Our team of expert technicians and knowledgeable support staff are ready and available to come onboard vessels to assist in the installation and maintenance of marine equipment, fire protection and safety products anywhere in the world and at any time.  Our services can be performed whether the vessels are in port or away sailing, and we are committed to responding to our customers’ inquiries and needs with a suited solution and the required experience in a responsible and fashionable manner.


The product and equipment maintenance practices that we apply at High Seas Trading Corp. meet the strictest regulations dictated by the maritime industry, as well as the quality solutions that scale for our most demanding customers including cruise lines, freight vessels and the mega yacht industry. Our team strives to deliver quality, durability, accuracy and safety in the most demanding circumstances to guarantee the protection of vessels and the preservation of life above all.


Our staff is devoted to excelling at customer service including providing fast, reliable and expert advice, delivering the right product for a specific need, and assisting our customers with their individual requirements wherever they are and when they need us.


Our technicians are trained experts who board vessels, conduct inspections, provide certifications, re-validations, conduct training on product usage, and maintenance, and ensure that all safety and fire protection systems are up to date.  In addition, we are certified to conduct product inspections to ensure that they meet the requirements dictated by the industry or by the manufacturer (OEM).


Our product inspections include electronics, life jackets, fire fighting suits, breathing equipment, and fire systems among others.  Upon completion of all inspections and service, we provide all necessary documentation of compliance to the corresponding authorities. High Seas Trading Co. is committed to assisting our customers to obtain the best products in the industry, to maintain their vessels with up to date equipment and to help them improve overall product performance, which will guarantee their protection and safety at sea.


At High Seas Trading Co. we are equipped to deliver expert advice and product solutions 24/7 and for all aspects of the maritime industry.  We are a one-stop shop where we educate, train, and supply our customers with the right solutions in response to their particular marine needs.


Our Miami warehouse is stocked with thousands of items to meet the needs and demands of our customers anywhere in the globe and to comply with the requirements dictated in the industry. For local orders our fleet of trucks allows us to provide delivery within hours in the Florida region and for orders outside of the U.S. we have strategic partnerships with the most reputable logistics companies to ship our products on the same day the order is received, all to guarantee reliable and on time deliveries.


Our staff offers a level of maritime experience and professionalism that has set new industry standards, and we are always eager to serve our customers with the level of competence, integrity, quality and efficiency that they deserve.


Since 1986 our expert staff has been providing ongoing customer support, and experienced marine services ranging from consulting, to engineering, assessment, to fire protection planning to list a few, to our loyal clientele globally.  Our customers range from cruise lines, to freight vessels, tankers, commercial vessels, to the mega yacht industry and our devoted team is always available to provide solutions in response to their specific needs.


High Seas Trading Co. is composed of a highly trained and highly skilled team including technicians available to come onboard vessels that are at port or sailing.  In addition, our team is proficient in all levels of the marine industry and able to assist our customers in selecting the best products, equipment and options for fire protection and safety, lifesaving, general marine products, electronics, pyrotechnics, chemicals and cleaning products, safety and signage and ship interior just to list a few.


We also offer many other vital services including product inspections, certifications, installations and maintenance to ensure that vessels are equipped to operate safely and that they meet the strictest requirements of the industry.  Our expertise coupled with our vast product selection make High Seas Trading Co. a one-stop solution for all of our customers’ needs 24/7 in any corner of the globe.