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At High Seas Trading Co. we are devoted to safety above all.  Over the years we have taken the time to train our staff to be leaders and experts in the maritime industry and to equip our customers with proven solutions that will guarantee their protection at all times and especially during adverse circumstances.


As part of our marine services we conduct the required inspections and servicing of marine equipment and products to ensure flawless operation and optimal performance during any given conditions.  Depending on the regulating bodies of particular products or equipment, our expert staff can conduct monthly or annual inspections, regular servicing and maintenance in an effort to prevent a malfunction or major injuries if an unexpected event where to affect our customers at sea.


We are equipped to service and re-certify a wide range of products and systems including:

Fixed fire suppression systems

Fixed fire Prevention systems


Foam & C02

We utilize OEM parts

Inflatable life rafts

Annual service

3-year service

5-year service

Protective clothing

Immersion suites


Cylinder hydro testing

Portable & Wheeled extinguishers

of various brands & more

For over three decades we have been conducting business in a timely manner and responding with the utmost level of professionalism and dedication to the servicing and inspection of all marine safety products, survival and fire protection equipment and systems.  We strive to excel in our services, in meeting our deadlines, and in offering cost effective solutions tailored around our customers’ unique requirements and needs.

Need to buy, test, or service your extinguishers?

We have the inventory, the technicians and the worldwide support to assist you.

Because safety can’t wait!


Since 1986 High Seas Trading has been offering a broad variety of services, products and solutions for all aspects of the maritime industry.  Our technicians are highly skilled experts who are trained and proficient in the repair and refurbish of fire protection and safety equipment as well as personal protection equipment for ships of all flags and classification societies located in any part of the world, including at port or at sea.


Our experienced engineers and technicians are able to service a wide variety of crafts including:








We stand for reliability quality & trust!

We execute our job to exceed the satisfaction of all regulating entities in the maritime industry.

We are equipped to perform inspections and trials to pinpoint problem areas and we offer OEM replacement parts to refurbish repair or overhaul marine products and equipment.  We strive to provide safe and cost effective solutions that will expand and preserve the lifespan and seamless performance of the products we supply to our customers, and we will continue to work arduously to be a one-stop solution offering the best range of products and services in our industry.

We deliver comprehensive safety solutions for the maritime industry!


Our company High Seas Trading Co. has been accredited and certified by entities such as: The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), Det Norske Veritas/Germanicher Lloyd  (DNV GL), Lloyd’s Register (LR), Registro Italiano Navale (RINA), and Florida State Fire Marshall among others. For over 30 years we have been providing a wide array of services at port and at sea to cruise lines, freight vessels and mega yachts including helping them obtain and renew their annual Certifications in safety and fire protection products and systems to ensure that they are compliant, in optimal conditions, and that they operate seamlessly in case of an emergency.


Our staff has been thoroughly trained and is highly experienced in conducting regular product inspections that meet annual certification criteria, which is of critical importance for ensuring safe operations and disaster prevention onboard vessels.  We are equipped to conduct onboard inspections in any part of the globe, and upon completion of our services we provide all necessary documentation of compliance for the appropriate authorities.


We remain dedicated to analyzing and testing all equipment to guarantee that it meets and maintains current and valid certifications as required by the different governmental approved authorities as well at those dictated by entities of the maritime industry.


High Seas Trading Co. carries a wide variety of inflatable life rafts designed and manufactured by top of the line and world-renowned brands in the maritime industry.  Life rafts are created to function in adverse sea conditions and they are manufactured to follow very strict quality standards.  We are authorized distributors of international life rafts, and our technicians are both accredited and highly experienced to service them to ensure that they are maintained up to the highest standards as required by regulating entities and their Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs).


Whether it is commercial life rafts, survival packs, or spares and accessories, as a class and manufacturer approved service station, we are able to offer worldwide assistance with servicing and supplying of various models, types and sizes to fit our customers’ unique requirements and needs.  From self-righting to throw-overboard we have every possible option to equip small to large vessels.


Utilizing our safety partners through the Epsco Network, we offer top of the line services to the marine industry in ports around the globe.  We are able to provide over the phone customer service with our expert staff available 24/7, or we can come onboard vessels to conduct inspections, servicing and repairs on products, equipment and systems to ensure seamless operations and the appropriate protection of passengers, property and the environment.


The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is one of many the entities providing regular guidelines on the inspection and maintenance of products, to ensure that they are safe and reliable to perform under specific conditions.  The IMO has stated that annual inspections of immersion suits are vital to identify the deterioration of their seams, closures and overall performance, and that they must also be subject to an annual pressure test.  Other regulations may vary from flag state to flag state but it is important that maintenance and examination take place to meet guidelines set by the equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) as well as the SOLAS’ regulations.


Our staff at High Seas Trading Co. is available 24/7 to ensure that each product requirement is met and that each of our customers’ needs are fulfilled. We are a one-stop shop and our team offers the supply, restocking, regular inspection, repair and maintenance that will guarantee the optimal performance of our customers’ products and equipment for the safe operations of their ships, and the adequate protection of passengers.


We carry a great selection of protective clothing and immersion suits from the most trusted manufacturers and brands and we are trained, certified and possess the technical expertise to board vessels and conduct the necessary servicing so our customers are guaranteed the protection they deserve by having superior quality and compliant equipment at all times.


From immersion suits, to survival suits, dry suits, to cabinets, we carry a comprehensive selection of various types, sizes and brands that meet all marine and offshore requirements, and that are designed to withstand harsh and adverse weather conditions.  Our suits offer additional properties including: flame retardant properties, thermal protection, ergonomic fit, vibrant colors for higher visibility, great comfort, freedom of mobility, and minimal water ingress.  Protecting passengers, crewmembers and vessels, is our number one priority, and we do it by providing superior quality products coupled with superior quality services.


High Seas Trading Co. carries a large selection of life-saving equipment designed to operate in adverse conditions and to ensure a chance to preserve the lives of passengers and crewmembers onboard of vessels. In addition to supplying equipment from the most recognized and reliable brands in the industry, our staff is also able to provide inspection, service and repair to verify that all products are always up to date with codes, certifications and most important of all, that they perform seamlessly at any time and in any given conditions.


Different products require different maintenance practices and maintenance frequency, at High Seas we are committed to assisting our customers adhere to the strictest measures and to check their systems and equipment regularly. Constant checks on the conditions of these products can make a difference in their firing mechanism, tightness, seams and closures, which will ultimately result in reducing risks for fatalities and accidents.


We strive to offer a team effort approach, innovative and yet proven solutions for our customers who trust us to help them attain the best possible ship care, to save lives, preserve their properties and protect the environment in even the most unpredictable conditions at sea.  As a class and manufacturer approved service station, we are equipped to offer our assistance worldwide in both the servicing and supplies of a comprehensive line of live saving equipment ranging from life rafts, to lifejackets, buoyancy aids, lights, spares and accessories, immersion suits, survival suits, fire protection, fire system products, rescue and safety products, recovery equipment, emergency breathing, lifebuoys, ladders and nets, personal locator beacons, radios, and much more.


Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) are instruments worn during rescue/escape situations to provide breathable air in an immediate danger to life and health atmosphere caused by smoke, fire, and gas leaks among others.  At High Seas Trading Co. we carry the most recognized and trusted brands that manufacture this equipment, and we stand behind their superiority in quality and performance.


Throughout our years in the industry we have tested and examined a variety of devices and carefully selected among the most reliable, durable, safe and easy to use during an unexpected event that can threaten the life of passengers onboard vessels.  We take pride in mentioning that we only carry the very best!


In addition to carrying a large selection of SCBA and EEBD options, which are available for delivery or shipping from our strategically located facilities, our expert team also offers servicing, testing and the annual examination that is required to guarantee optimal condition of this equipment at the time of an emergency.  With service stations through the Epsco network, we offer our services globally. Our staff is available to come onboard vessels at port or at sea, and conduct hydro testing and refilling, as well as examination and maintenance as required by the OEMs’ instructions. At High Seas we can either supply brand new equipment, or service the existing systems with OEM parts for various brands and types of SCBAs and EEBDs.


Among the extensive line of services and products offered at High Seas Trading Co., we also offer comprehensive internal inspections and Cylinder hydro testing.  These cylinders need to be properly filled and re-qualified on an annual basis to ensure their top-notch performance and to adhere to the regulations, standards and manufacturers’ product and compliance guidelines.


With service stations in ports throughout the world, our experts will come onboard cruise lines, freight vessels, passenger ships, container ships, tankers and mega yachts either at port or at sea, and conduct careful inspections and testing with our full line of automated and manually operated cylinder testing equipment. In addition to inspecting and testing, we offer OEM parts, repair and up to date certification confirming that all equipment meets the requirements dictated within the maritime industry.


Our company believes that preparation and regular maintenance are key factors for the successful and seamless operations of all vessels and their safety and personal protection equipment.  We know that when our customers face danger they rely on our expertise to select and utilize the safest options that will guarantee them a chance to survive and minimize damage to their passengers, vessels and property.  For over three decades we have been known as the most trusted source for superior quality products, innovative and yet proven options, knowledgeable technicians and the best customer service, making us the top choice for all marine safety and offshore solutions.


Our skilled and highly experienced technicians, and our entire staff at High Seas Trading Co. are certified and trained to conduct and provide a variety of services to ensure fire extinguishers are given the proper maintenance and testing for optimal performance during an emergency.  Whether portable or wheeled, we offer a large selection of extinguishers for sale, and for service and maintenance including brands such as:




Annual inspection and servicing of this equipment is required not only to meet the manufacturers’ guidelines and other maritime entities’ regulations, but also to ensure the protection, durability and proper functioning of such important assets at the time they are needed. We perform such services as:





We are equipped with loaner units in certain situations when work can’t be completed on board, and all of our locations are able to offer refilling services for our customers’ convenience. In addition to servicing this equipment we also supply a wide selection of options to serve the marine industry including vessels such as cruise lines, passenger ships, cargo ships, commercial vessels, freight vessels and mega yachts among others. We carry large numbers of the most reliable brands in the industry and they can be promptly shipped or delivered anywhere in the world depending on our customers’ specific requirements and needs.


High Seas Trading Co. is devoted to assisting our customers including cruise lines, freight vessels, container ships, passenger ships and mega/luxury yachts with all of their needs.  We strive to be a one-stop source delivering products and equipment to the marine industry including, safety products, general marine, life-saving supplies, fire fighting systems, personal protection systems, accessories and rescue and safety among others.


For over three decades we have been known for the responsiveness and experience of our team in areas including product support and servicing, certifications, inspections and testing, but most importantly, for our ability to respond with superior quality products and unrivaled industry knowledge that makes a difference in our customers’ safety.


Gas refilling is among the extensive list of services that we are able to supply onboard of vessels that are either sailing or at port. Products will be tested and examined to ensure that they are working correctly and contain at least 90% of the nominal charge of gas required for their particular application. We take great pride in mentioning that our team of experts possesses the technical know-how, training and certification to assist our customers attain from the simplest to the most complex tasks to ensure their safety and protection at any time and in any part of the globe.


Our company High Seas Trading has been fully involved in the marine industry for over 3 decades.  For us, safety and protection are a way of life and at the top of our priorities.  We are equipped with experts in the field and our locations are fully stocked with products and options to ensure that our customers feel safe, secure and confident to conduct their daily operations while onboard of their vessels.


We are leaders in supplying our customers with superior quality, and only top of the line equipment, as well as with proven solutions for fire protection and fire fighting, general marine products, life saving products and survival equipment to list a few.  From lifejackets including inflatable, foam, hybrid, to buoyancy aids, lights, spares and accessories, we carry and service a comprehensive line to respond to our customers’ needs anywhere in the world, 24/7.


Among our life saving products we have a wide array of life jackets from well-trusted brands, for which we also offer support, servicing and repairs when applicable or needed. Our experienced technicians come onboard vessels that are either at port or at sea and carry out annual certification and annual testing of SOLAS approved lifejackets as per the guidelines set by their OEMs and other regulatory entities of the maritime industry.

Immediate response to our customers’ needs is critical for their survival.

This is why our global presence with manpower and supplies, makes all the difference!